Based in North Carolina, 9th Wonder has become one of Hip Hop’s most sought-after producers.  His soul-infused sound has been enlisted by the likes of Jay-Z,  Mary J. Blige, Destinys Child, Erykah Badu, Ludacris & De La Soul. Watch as 9th talks about his M-Audio studio equipment, BX8a Deluxe monitors and Pro-Tools set up.

“To be good at something you must be an expert at it. Period. If you are in the mode of making beats all the time and you can make beats in your sleep then it’s like if you get in front of a Jay z or a Destiny’s Child.. it’s like OK, I’m in front of them but I’m just gonna do what I always do.  if you have the talent sombody will find you and erm dont listen to people  telling you that you can’t do it, you know..”